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Huigu Pharmaceutical was invited to participate in “2017 China Child Health CareAcademic Annual Conference”


The annual China child health care academic annual conference was hosted by Child Heath Care Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, which is the special event with the largest scale and highest academic level in child care field of China. It was held in Shenzhen Dayhello International Hotel during November 2-5, 2017. More than 800 child care specialist and doctors all over the country got together to share the information about the latest research progress in domestic and foreign child care area, and conduct extensive and in-depth discussion. In the three-day compact schedule, they communicated about the topics of nutrition for infants and children, growth and development, and psychological behavior as the key points.

The theme of this annual conference was “Focusing on early childhood development, laying the foundation for healthy China”. Leaders of National Health and Family Planning Commission, domestic and foreign child care experts and scholars were invited for keynote speech and presentation.Multiple sub-forum and further education projecttraining course about child nutrition and health, growth and development, psychological behavior, environment and child health, visual development of children were set up. The atmosphere was extremely warm, new information and new consensus emerge in endlessly, which was a solid step towards healthy development of child health care of China!

“We need to unswervingly carry out the policy of prevention first, and attach importance to the health of children.”This is one of the important instructions stressed by General Secretary Xi in 2016 National Hygiene and Health Conference, which has highlighted the party and state’s emphasis on child health. For commending the contribution made by primary care physicians in the health care of children in our country, the association has set up the awardof “The most beautiful primary care physician for child health care”.

Besides the invitation of domestic and foreign experts for sharing their achievement and experience in scientific research, the latest clinical progress and guidelines consensus were also published in the conference. The issue about childhood nutrition, especially the deficiency of microelement of zinc, received wide attention. Comprehensive and balanced child nutrition is advocated to ensure the healthy development of children.

Professor WuJieling, the standing committee member of Early childhood development committee, Maternal and Child Health Care of China Association, chairman of committee of Child Health Care Branch of Guangdong Health Care Association, director of the department of children healthcare in Guangdong Maternity & Child Healthcare Hospital, gave a lecturewith topic ofCurrent Situation of Zinc Deficiency in Children, which was extremely compelling.

Professor Wu summarized and published the study data about microelements in children around China. Various large-sample (tens of thousands) studies have indicated:30-40% children in China lack zinc, and the zinc deficiency rate of children in some developed cities has over 50%, and has even reached up to 70%.The younger of children, the more serious of the situation. Besides, zinc supply in diets in most nursery and infant institutions and schools has a significant deficiency. Relevant research dataattracted considerable attention of representatives participating in the conference.

Professor Wu sorted and published the study data about medicine, biology and geneticsfrom around the world, systematically illustrated the mechanism, influence, countermeasures and implications of zinc deficiency in premature infants, newborns, until school-age children, and emphasized that preventive zinc supplement should be conducted activelyin early life.

There are many zinc supplement preparations in our country.There is no unified understanding about how to select suitable and targeted preparations.In this conference, professor Wu has given reasonable suggestions and solutions of zinc supplement, which resonated with the participants.

Hainan Huigu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated in drugs for women and children, and has obtained outstanding achievements in the area of health and medical care for women and children in recent years. Huigu Pharmaceuticaltook an active part in this annual conference, specially set up anexhibition stand, exchanged disciplinary information with doctors from all over China, and publicizedthe enterprise and product brand. During the conference, marketing department of the company discussed with experts in the field of child health care about the new situation and achievement of health care, and obtained a lot of praise and affirmation.